Tetera y Kiwi is a fast-rising young spanish audiovisual agency and an art gallery too. They support illustration and music artists in spite of the cultural and economical crisis we are passing through. This month (from 13/9 to 17/10 2013) they bring us a really interesting collective exhibition: “Han vuelto”: more than 60 artists warning us that aliens are back.


I decided to draw UFO: the Universe Funky Observer.





The opening was such a success! From the doors open to doors locked, they had a steady stream of folks pleased with the brillant paintings, photos, crafts, fresh beer, good wine and amazing chiptune music played by SkyCstls on his old yellow gameboy. The gallery and the street was full of humans. Stunning.



Get the book edited by Libros de autoengaño.
This playlist will make you float in space.

Han vuelto en Tetera y Kiwi from Tetera y Kiwi on Vimeo.

Music: “Los Siderales” – Carlos Dingo and “Enter the void” by SkyCstls

Artists: Xero Fernandez, Nathalie Ruiz, Jose spadda, Chechu Ramírez, Cristina Nogales, Melarise, Carol Jiménez, Carlos Dingo, El Bute, Bernaudio, Beatriz Iglesias, Ángeles Sobreviela, Mapache Salado, A.J. Luque, Carlos Babiano, Xavier Nereu, Violeta Lucena, Carlos Sadness, Juan Diego Mariscal, Emily Anne England, Elena Oliver, Cels Piñol, Rafa Amat, MaryGarlic, Noneta, Paula Sifora, Pablo Rios, Pakoto, Paula García, Olga Murillo, Óscar Jiménez, Nacho Lobera, Nuria Díaz, Nicolas Castell, Nathalie Bellon, Manuel Vaca, Terelo Chan, Mariana Soler Howell, Maribel Pérez, Manuel Mirage, M. Isabel Isidro, Laura Wächter, León Palomares, Lorena Olmo, Jess Civantos, JAB, Iuliana Dragoi, Elena Ludwig, Elisabeth de Castro, David Kow, Zoraida Manzanares, Zana, T. Rielevez, Silvaa López, Rafa Toro, Rebeca Mayo, Rubén Luque, Rafa Blanco, Alizia Vence, Juan García González, Niños de Fuego, Ruben Garrido.


“Pour in my brain” Artwork. This is one of this illustrations you do without thinking, you don’t know what you’re doing but you still painting it, knowing when it has to end, when it is totally growned. It was for my best friend’s song “Pour in my brain”. He has a studio, wine, coffee, guitars and paper, and we didn’t know how many decades would pass before we could meet again, so we created this song. She also grew, and I miss him.



Pour in my brain by Santa Marta Golden


Santa Marta Golden’s Promo cd. This is a limited edition we’ve done for the “El Fallo Humano” release show.
The 100 first persons received it as a gift! Here is the illustration process and a nonsense gif.



Arctic // Antarctic { Inyourface

This boys will go far! I’m amazed by the force a band can transmit by wanting all the same thing. Big sound and message. I spend all summer working on these illustrations and we are definitely happy with this work — Listen!

Seek & Psycho { Docka Pussel

Powerfull music from Sevilla! — Listen!

Topsy Turvy { Julien Pauline

Refreshing and addictive album! — Listen! and check the process!

Sunshine { Nephalokia

Modern metal, brutality of deathcore and atmospheric ambiances of post-hardcore.
Their music tries to smash the borders between genres in order to express a certain contradiction of emotions — Listen!

El fallo humano { Santa Marta Golden

This is my band so I was totally free to do what I wanted to do. I enjoyed the all summer
I worked on concept and illustrations. We make a strange metal and electronic music — Listen!

Promo Cd { Santa Marta Golden

A gift for people who came to the concert (check out the graphic process here) — Check the process!

Demo { Santa Marta Golden

Our first demo… Vintage! — Listen!

La cabeza estroboscópica { Santa Marta Golden

Our last project — Listen!

Monstruos de papel { Neverlose

High School design makes me feel young. — Listen! and check the process!

Scars and secrets { Blindfall

[Front page illustration by Cesar Santiago] BlindFall is a band located in Granada with members from Spain, France and Germany. Their second album Scars and secrets was for the spanish magazine MusicaHeavy the best Rock album in Spain in 2010 — Listen!

All for nothing { Blindfall

[Concept by Vincent Gutfreund] Blindfall’s new album full of energy produced again by François Maigret — Listen!

Kill everybody and save the world { Sniper Alley

Dirty rock and roll and primitive blues with a lot of Fuzz-wah pedals, destructive drums and guitar-feedback in the tradition of The Stooges, MC5, Jimi Hendrix and Grand Funk Railroad, laced with the spacial sound of 90’s bands — Listen!