Featured on one of my favorite spanish magazine: Lamono! by T. Martha Rosella.
I tried to traduce the article, but you can read it in spanish clicking on the following image:

     “Melarise is a graphic and multmedia designer who never stop. Actually, she loves the power of time. Her arms: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, among others. Moreover, in her free time, she sings in the band: Santa Marta Golden. She mostly works for brands and other music bands. And for writers. Not only illustration. Everything she creates is as harmonious as her definition. Everuthing she touches has an indescribable flavor, but you get it. She says she loves working with passionate and creative people, good coffee in the winter and a fresh cup of mint tea in summer. She studied in Granada and speaks french and spanish. Her real name is Claire-Mélody Cascail. For us, she will always be Melarise, as authentic as herself.”

T. Martha Rosella



Arctic // Antarctic { Inyourface

This boys will go far! I’m amazed by the force a band can transmit by wanting all the same thing. Big sound and message. I spend all summer working on these illustrations and we are definitely happy with this work — Listen!

Seek & Psycho { Docka Pussel

Powerfull music from Sevilla! — Listen!

Topsy Turvy { Julien Pauline

Refreshing and addictive album! — Listen! and check the process!

Sunshine { Nephalokia

Modern metal, brutality of deathcore and atmospheric ambiances of post-hardcore.
Their music tries to smash the borders between genres in order to express a certain contradiction of emotions — Listen!

El fallo humano { Santa Marta Golden

This is my band so I was totally free to do what I wanted to do. I enjoyed the all summer
I worked on concept and illustrations. We make a strange metal and electronic music — Listen!

Promo Cd { Santa Marta Golden

A gift for people who came to the concert (check out the graphic process here) — Check the process!

Demo { Santa Marta Golden

Our first demo… Vintage! — Listen!

La cabeza estroboscópica { Santa Marta Golden

Our last project — Listen!

Monstruos de papel { Neverlose

High School design makes me feel young. — Listen! and check the process!

Scars and secrets { Blindfall

[Front page illustration by Cesar Santiago] BlindFall is a band located in Granada with members from Spain, France and Germany. Their second album Scars and secrets was for the spanish magazine MusicaHeavy the best Rock album in Spain in 2010 — Listen!

All for nothing { Blindfall

[Concept by Vincent Gutfreund] Blindfall’s new album full of energy produced again by François Maigret — Listen!

Kill everybody and save the world { Sniper Alley

Dirty rock and roll and primitive blues with a lot of Fuzz-wah pedals, destructive drums and guitar-feedback in the tradition of The Stooges, MC5, Jimi Hendrix and Grand Funk Railroad, laced with the spacial sound of 90’s bands — Listen!