Topsy Turvy Artwork. If I would have to choose only one song to listen until I die it would be the Friends. I’m not joking. And Julien Pauline is my friend so I had no problem in creating icons and finding colors that represent him. I had a puzzled sumer full of patience, listening a refreshing and addictive album.





Featured on one of my favorite spanish magazine: Lamono! by T. Martha Rosella.
I tried to traduce the article, but you can read it in spanish clicking on the following image:

     “Melarise is a graphic and multmedia designer who never stop. Actually, she loves the power of time. Her arms: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, among others. Moreover, in her free time, she sings in the band: Santa Marta Golden. She mostly works for brands and other music bands. And for writers. Not only illustration. Everything she creates is as harmonious as her definition. Everuthing she touches has an indescribable flavor, but you get it. She says she loves working with passionate and creative people, good coffee in the winter and a fresh cup of mint tea in summer. She studied in Granada and speaks french and spanish. Her real name is Claire-Mélody Cascail. For us, she will always be Melarise, as authentic as herself.”

T. Martha Rosella



Santa Marta Golden’s Promo cd. This is a limited edition we’ve done for the “El Fallo Humano” release show.
The 100 first persons received it as a gift! Here is the illustration process and a nonsense gif.